Yasra Rizvi Weight Loss Story Before & After: Her Tips & Tricks to Lose Weight

Yasra Rizvi was one of the most promising theater-faces in Pakistan and was even touted as a talent to look out for in the Pakistani entertainment faces. Even with so much power in her acting and that courage to portray the women-centric roles, Yasra has somehow not achieved what she was said to do in the acting world. Still, over the years, she has proven her mettle in various ways and that’s what makes her an inspiration for hundreds of her fans out there.

Many of you might know her as someone from the industry standing tall and breaking stereotype with marrying someone, who was quite younger than her. Not that only, she was yet again in the headlines for asking her husband to offer Fajar prayers as her ‘Haq Mehr’. Many of the netizens lauded her for going fearless and not getting caught up by the fear of being judged.

Just a few months later, she got another solid reason to be one talked about person on social media and this time it was about her stint as a poetess. Nobody knew what she started off as hobby sharing on social media will get her again in the limelight. Her sarcastic take on the different burning issues of the society and that too without makeup look made her popular as a poet.

Not to forget, she already was into writing and takes note as the writer of drama ‘Ustani Jee’ as well. Moreover, she also showed her acting skills as the lead actress in the aforementioned drama.

Yasra Rizvi Weight Loss Journey

If you think that’s everything about her, you need to know Yasra Rizvi’s motivational weight loss story that has also remained the talk of the town. Even in her outings in different shows as a guest, everybody noticed the drastic weight loss journey of Yasra but the latest photos prove that she has finally reached the fitness level everybody yearns to have.

The drastic weight-loss journey has made her look super-cool and people can’t stop themselves from talking about this superb transformation.

How did Yasra Rizvi Lose Weight?

It seems like everybody is up with the same question as it looks unreal for many of them to go under such a drastic change in this much short span of time. In one of the morning shows as a guest, Yasra was asked about her secret of weight loss by host Sanam Jung, whom herself was astonished to see her transformation just in a matter of 2 months.




The ‘Manto’ film actress was of the view that one should cut short the use of sugar and show patience even if it’s about your favorite food right there in front. Moreover, she also asserted to take Rice and Roti in lesser quantity rather completely boycotting both of them.

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