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Who is Yashal Shahid? Ali Zafar’s find, Sajna-fame singer

An incredibly skilled and young multi-talented singer, Yashal Shahid is a pride of National University of Science and Technology, who has been an active member of every other society of NUST and a good student that’s why she earned a good reputation in the university and additionally was chosen as the sole female engineer to function as an on-field intern at Qadcast Pvt Ltd. According to her, she is an introvert who converted into an extrovert and an earthquake survivor who has undergone a massive transition but after that, she realized the beauty of life. She has always been consistently a lifelong fan of games and this is something that has been total steady since the very first moment of her life.

From sports to badminton, volleyball to the ball, e-gaming to cricket, and what else, she has done everything. She has been granted with different awards and declarations, inferable from her presentation in the games affair, consistently for as long as 4 years. Likewise, She has a 4-year long consistent streak of winning the awards for Athlete of the Year and Athlete of the Batch in the University. Additionally, she has been the House Captain in the last year and brought the House cup home.

How Ali Zafar’s find, Sajna-fame singer?

Yashal shahid


Recently after singing the song “Sajna”, which has won over 4,385,762 views, she has absolutely persuaded us to fall in love with her soulful voice, this single track has made her so popular in a limited time and has stolen the hearts of many people worldwide. But as she had got the fame in a very short span of time so her fans are curious to know about her, how she had gained fame in such a short interval of time.

But the story behind her fame is that Yashal Shahid was actually welcomed over by a renowned Pakistani singer Ali Zafar in light of the fact that her audition video grabbed his eye on Twitter!

And then Yashal’s dream turned into reality by Ali Zafar and he himself recorded the cover of that song, and the title is  “ Sajna” which she sang in her magical voice without a piece of music and nailed it! Additionally, Ali Zafar tweeted about her that:

“This girl is to watch out for. Great talent.”

Yashal Shahid along with Ali Zafar in studio


Many people used that song for making TikTok videos and memes which are getting viral too. The song is available on Spotify, Saavn, Apple Music, Amazon,  iTunes Store, Amazon Music, Youtube, Deezer, and Tidal as well. This song was actually composed and sung by Sibtain Khalid in Nescafe Basement.

Later she also sang an OST of Man Mayal in DBTV AM in her beautiful voice and shared some beautiful occasions of her life and the journey of her fame as well with her fans, which interview is also on trending on social media. Now her fans are waiting to listen to more tracks from her in her mesmerizing voice. But it is a question for us whether she will pursue her career as a singer or not.

But we must say that we are blessed to have singers like her in our entertainment industry who are giving new dimensions to our music industry and encouraging youth to show their talent on social media.

We wish her good luck and want her to pursue her career in singing so that we can enjoy more good tracks of her as she has proved herself as a great vocalist and her song “Sajna” will always remain in the hearts of her fans.

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