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Who is Naimal Khawar? Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Wife-to-be

Naimal Khawar Khan, the Izza of hit dramatization sequential Anaa and a favorite character of everyone, has won numerous hearts in a limited time. A blend of being skilled, excellent, talented and beautiful has helped her in winning the hearts of people. Even though Naimal Khawar Khan just has one dramatization that is “Anaa” and a single film that is “Verna” but still surprisingly she is one of those entertainers who got a great deal of acknowledgment and love from the general public. Naimal Khawar Khan isn’t a standard young lady with straightforward dreams however she trusts in thinking ambitiously as she said in one of her interviews that she would love to play a female version of James Bond as  Bond with a female protagonist would be quite interesting 

Now she is going to tie a knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi who got fame due to his very first drama serial “Pyaar-e-Afzal” and after this many more dramas and films like “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”, “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani”, “Waar” and “Man Mayal”. He is not only a Pakistani television, film and theatre actor but also turned into an activist now and always remain active on social media and everyone’s favorite. Much the same as Hamza Ali Abbasi her wife to be-Naimal Khawar Khan is also an activist who used to share her perspectives about social issues regularly on social media.

Hamza Ali Abbasi to marry Naimal Khawar Khan?

Hamza wife to be

Because a few days before the rumor of their wedding was circulating on social media, when a picture of invitation card for their nikkah ceremony was uploaded on Instagram in which they announce the nikkah date that is going to held on August 25, Sunday while Walima on August 26 Monday. As there was no discussion in the past of Hamza and Naimal Khawar Khan of being engaged with a relationship or wanting to get married, that’s why this news came as a surprise for their fans and individuals in media outlets. Later the rumor was confirmed by Hamza Ali Abbasi as he said on Wednesday that he is getting married to Naimal Khawar Khan of Anaa fame, affirming the marriage bits of gossip that were coursing via social media and also shared that they are inseparable.

Abbasi additionally shared a long, passionate note on his Twitter handle, portraying the conditions driving him to propose Naimal Khawar khan and he wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday:

“We can’t breath without each other now,”

He included that they were anticipating a lifetime relationship in making efforts to satisfy Allah together. The entertainer said that he had recently neglected to build up an enthusiastic connection with the contrary sex, and was additionally unfit to deal with the possibility of marriage.

On Twitter, he said that “Yup, it’s true” and also said that enormous regard to Naimal Khawar Khan for approving of a Ganja me on Nikkah,  he included tongue in cheek, alluding to his bare head as he performed Hajj not long ago.

Hamza explained that he will uncover the good news after August 25, which is the day at which his and Naimal Khawar Khan’s nikkah would be performed.

As indicated Naimal Khawar Khan consented to wed Hamza Ali Abbasi and communicates her happiness in strolling this way with him and Hamza said now we cannot inhale without one another.

In addition to this, he said to pray for him and thanks, everyone.

Hamza Ali Abbasi likewise freely declined to talk on television shows about his wedding. “Grateful for the flood of invites on TV shows to talk abt our “Love Story”, however as disillusioning as it sounds there is none.

No one was believing that they are going to tie a knot on 25th August, because once in “Mazaaq Raat” show Naimal included Hamza Ali abbasi in her friendzone and showed a desire to marry Ahad Raza Meer.

You can find a lot of pictures on Naimal Khawar Instagram regarding her Maayun.

Actress Naimal Khawar Education

Graduated from the National College of Arts, Naimal is a beginner in showbiz but already has a film and dramatization in her possession. She made her film debut in Verna after Shoaib Mansoor found her. She likewise showed up as an exceptional guest in a TV channel’s late-night comedy show, Mazaaq Raat. In a meeting to a news source in 2017, she had stated: “I wouldn’t ever do an item song or something of the sort.”

Painting by Naimal Khawar

By profession, Naimal Khawar Khan is a painter and holds presentations to exhibit her work too. She used to share her standout pieces on her Instagram account frequently. She said in an interview that she is a painter and visual artist and she did some theater in college but never thought of pursuing acting.

Recently the couple has been spotted together on different events previously, but recently Hamza Ali Abbasi appeared at Naimal Khawar Khan’s art exhibition. Yesterday, Naimal Khawar khan tweet that she will not pursue her career as an actor but as a painter and you will surely enjoy those paintings.

Naimal Khawar Instagram

This space is full of her beautiful  Mayuun pictures and many celebrities and fans are wishing them a happy life ahead like Humayun Saeed and Haroon Shahid, as Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wedding vibes have been started and Naimal Khan is a bride to be. Although all are happy, some fans are still surprised and sharing their expressions through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Their fans are posting that a relationship that is beyond social media and that does not need to keep up a certain image. And praying that the best couple right now in the Industry will always be shielded by Allah from stink eye.



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As both are to be wed on 25th August, Sunday,  so on this happy occasion of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s and Naimal Khawar Khan’s wedding, we wish them that the spark in their eyes will stay forever and the bond that they share may last forever.

Have a great married life!

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