Who is Arooj Aurangzeb? The Leather Jacket Girl Member of Progressive Students Collective

It was 5th Faiz Festival on the Trot this November and like always it was a free-entry for all. The students being the center of attention; this festival is best known for promoting art and literature. This years’ outing was special like never before and the sole reason behind was a leather jacket-clad girl hurling freedom slogans and astounding the audience with her performance.

Though the idea behind was unclear, still what grabbed the eyeballs at first sight was a female leading right from the front and that too with this much confidence. This video from Faiz Festival went viral for one or the other reason. The netizens were divided as many belittled how someone from the elite class can voice up for those striving to make ends meet. What made them make this conclusion was a leather jacket, which was somehow taken as a symbol of the elite class.

The other faction got their hero in Arooj as seeing a female raising with this much vibrancy was once in a blue moon sight for the fellow Pakistanis.  Before she could become a massive hit straight away, some legit questions were obstructing her from making big. The answer lies in only one question, who is Arooj Aurangzeb?

 Who is Arooj Aurangzeb?

The student activist, member of Progressive Students Collective and Feminist Collective, Arooj Aurangzeb was born on February 16, 1993. Born and bred in Lahore, she went on pursuing B.S (Hons) in Mass Communication from Punjab University. Her stay at PU got her selected for two foreign scholarships through semester school exchange program. She made it to the University of North Dakota, US and then to Germany.

What made Arooj conspicuous now and then at university were her way with debating and dramatics as she won many awards in both of them. Moreover, she was equally active in sports until her college time where she participated in hockey, netball and squash.

Now done with her studies, Arooj actively participates in the theatre to promote the message of peace and social change through her work.

Arooj Aurangzeb at Faiz Festival 2019

Arooj as one of the active members of Progressive Students Collective was right there along with her teammates at Faiz Festival 2019. What caught the attention of lens was she along with her companion hurling slogans and performing Bismil Azimabadi’s evergreen ‘Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna’. But what made it look nothing more than an antic was not getting the purpose behind all this on camera.

The curious netizens resisted Arooj and team asking for a revolution, but they never got onto see the other side of the story. Unless Arooj was outreached by BBC Urdu and she narrated what all these slogans were actually about. The students together or better to specified as Progressive Students Collective was organizing a rally on 29th November countrywide.  There were several demands and few questions raised by PSC during their street power show. The one on priority was about restoring Student Unions, which are facing a ban for more than 3 decades now.

The ups and downs aside, Prime Minister of Pakistan has now tweeted about coming up with a proper plan and reviving student unions. At the same time, Sindh government looks desperate to take lead with restoring unions before anyone else.


So, far it seems like things have been in favor of PSC, but it’s just the beginning and it will be too hasty to make a final call.


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