Watch Saboor Aly going bold in latest short film ‘Malkin’ (Video)

She doesn’t have much to her name as a lead actress, but still, you can’t negate Saboor Aly’s powerful performances in dramas over the years.  As the talent runs in her gene, she has been proving her space as an antagonist in the dramas most probably or donning hat as a home-wrecker. For sure, you won’t find a strong contender to her when it’s about playing the negative roles in the dramas.

The bold and beautiful Saboor also masters the trick to stay in the limelight, even if it’s not being famous; she has got the burst as one notorious actress. And before we presume more about that, it was her funny video of cracking a joke on window cleaner (who was actually assistant director), which turned out to be a free-hit for the trollers out there. Though Saboor didn’t pay heed on them but once after knowing it was hurting her fans as well, she went on making a clarification video.

Saboor Aly has yet again made a game-changing move of her career, where she’s playing never-before like character.  This short film will even put a full stop to only a certain image attached to her. At the same time, the bold antics in this short film can raise the eyebrows of netizens once again. Carrying on with the theme of endless desires and a crazy woman’s move to make full out of it, this short film has become the talk of the town.

Saboor Aly ‘Malkin’ Drama Trailer


In case you’re curious to know about Saboor’s current dramas being played on TV, Gul o Gulzar, Bhool and Naqabzan are few of the prominent ones. Throughout her career, she is most often seen playing a negative character with the vengeance and innocence attached to it. But this around with short film ‘Malkin’ she is all set to break those stereotypes and attributes attached with her acting.

Watch Saboor Aly’s Short Film ‘Malkin’


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