Watch Mehwish Hayat’s Leaked Video over Kashmir Issue (Full Story)

The top-notch Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat’s year filled with achievement and accolades has finally got onto face the lean patch. The JPNA actress is in the hot waters as her leaked video over Kashmir issue has gone viral. Though the actress believes her comments were taken out of the context but until she could give any clarifications, the netizens were furious to react. The one-sided story triggered to the extent that she was being called off by many on social media.

It should be noted here that video circulating on the internet showed Mehwish Hayat opting to stay mum over Kashmir issue as this was something she was asked to do so. The bold actress made it more confusing as she didn’t mentioned, who actually stopped her from not talking about Kashmir issue. This leaked video actually threw light on the completely different side of Mehwish as she was previously very much vocal about Indian atrocities in Kashmir and oppression of Kashmiris.

Mehwish Hayat Leaked Video sparks Controversy


Previously lauded as one ambassador of peace as she used the stage in Norway’s award function to unveil the heinous crimes Indians are up with on the people of Kashmir, is now even announced hypocrite as many thought she backed off from what she pledged in the past. Just to let you know the leaked video was from a charity event for orphans, and the organizers didn’t want to distract from the crucial point. Therefore, they asked Mehwish to stay away from political or personal stances.

Social Media Reacts over Mehwish Hayat not speaking about Kashmir Issue






But the camera caught Pakistani actress opting not to speak about Kashmir issue when asked about one media person. She later took to her Twitter account to clarify her position. The other side of the story, Mehwish unveiled got her supporters and fraternity talking in her support once again.



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