Shamoon Abbasi’s DURJ Banned by Censor Board: Everything you need to know about this film on Cannibalism

The movie-enthusiasts were on cloud nine as Shamoon Abbasi’s long-awaited film Durj was all set to make it to the cinema screens. But before this could become true, the film has failed to get the required clearance from Pakistani censor board. It will be pertinent to mention here that the film was scheduled to make it to the cinema screens on 18th October in Pakistan and even before that the film was slated to get an international release on 10th October. The director and lead actor of the film Shamoon Abbasi asserted on the international release for the Pakistanis living abroad and other communities before getting locally released.

It’s still unclear will this film be able to get a release any sooner as all censor boards of Pakistan have downvoted it. It’ll be quite hasty to claim if the international release of the film will also face the axe or not?  The trailer of the film is making waves for all the right reasons as moviegoers are on the edge of their seats to experience first of its own kind Pakistani film.

What makes this film so talk about is the story-line it comes with; it brings the tale of a Cannibal living in the hideouts. This film stands out as the first Pakistani film ever shedding light on the notorious topic of Cannibalism.

Shamoon Abbasi Durj Story, Cast, Trailer, Music and Release Date

Durj Story

The story of film ‘Durj’ is inspired by true events that took place in Punjab as two brothers were sent behind the bars for two years for digging out fresh graves and taking out the dead bodies. Following the sentence, both of them were released without getting any mental health examination.No one at that time had the slightest doubt of what both the criminal brothers were up to nor did the constitution of Pakistan have a clause to charge them with.


This all happened as nobody was expecting Cannibals here in Pakistan as this was too much of against the norms in this society.  Once again both the brothers were arrested and this time around they confessed of digging 100 more graves following the release. Being cannibals, they used to feed themselves on corpses. This mental state was something not talked about before in Pakistan but once media got this news; people went on sharing their view until it all lost in thin air just day after the incident.

The maker of this film, Shamoon Abbasi wanted to give awareness about such predator kind of people part of our very own society.

‘Durj’ Film Cast

It wasn’t easy as pie to carry on making a film on the topic of Cannibalism, not even from the cast’s point of view. Shamoon Abbasi also told that many of them were reluctant to work in the hot scorching sun, and the remaining didn’t have faith in this project. Those who stick with this film and are also part of the lead cast of the film are Shamoon Abbasi, Maira Khan, Sherry Shah, Nouman Javaid, and Hafeez Ali.

Durj Film Trailer

The official trailer of the film Durj was released back in November 2018 and since then people are just waiting for the film to roll out on the cinema screens. The trailer of the film has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube.

Durj Film Banned by Censor Board

The film just a few days shy of its release has failed to get the clearance certificate from Censor Board. The maker of this much hyped-film is optimistic and he thinks it’s a temporary matter. Moreover, he believes in sorting out this issue.

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