Rabi Pirzada’s Latest Video after Private Videos Leak wins hearts

The famous Pakistani Pop-singer Rabi Pirzada made her first appearance following the X-rated videos leak weeks back. The netizens were furious to react and lambast her for those videos. The flamboyant singer plus social media activist in some capacity is known for her outspoken and voicing against the negatives. Since the regretful incident jolted her life, it’s the very first time Rabi went live on social media face-to-face to let people know her side of the story in a 10-minutes long video message.

Clad in Black Shalwar Kameez and covered with Duppata, the diva told about the news which everyone was actually expecting. Needless to say, she previously wrote about her exit from the showbiz industry on Twitter as well. But this time around she asserted on the similar point along with shedding light on the trauma she went through since the private video leak.

Rabi Pirzada First Time After her Leaked Videos

The trollers kept her mocking as soon as leaked video of Rabi Pirzada went live. Clueless in the situation, the singer gathered enough courage to give a shut-up call to all those who went on shaming her. The Pakistani singer told that she’ll follow the righteous path next onward, the path defined by Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Moreover, she also thanked the people who selflessly supported her in this hour of need. At the same time, she was of the view that her scandal was about the videos she shot in her loneliness and never knew this would ever happen before her data got leaked due to unknown reasons. Not to forget, she was also optimistic to get those leaking her videos behind the bars any sooner. She also told that FIA has already made move in this regard by arresting two culprits so far.

It will pertinent to mention here that after Rabia Pirzada Leaked scandal, activists all across the country and even cross border voiced in her support. Many of them went opting the peculiar way of sharing their private photos to support Rabi in this grave situation.

Social Media Supports Rabi Pirzada







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