PIA Announces Defence Day Discounts on Domestic and International Flights

Pakistan’s Defence Day is all about revering the brave soldiers and their heroics to save the homeland. The Pak forces and Jawans are lauded for their utmost efforts and shaking up the foes, who thought to attack Pakistan a piece of cake. In honour of the valiant efforts of Pakistan arm forces, this day is commemorated a public holiday.

In order to celebrate this strong defence and knocking down of foes, different brands across the country give their customers another reason to cheer out loud, and that’s done in the form of amazing discounts. Pakistan International Airlines stands tall as the first one to reveal the discounts for this big day.  This year PIA has announced 10% discount on the domestic flights from 6th to 9th September 2019.


The national flight carrier took to Twitter to reveal this news for their customers. At the same time, it should be mentioned PIA’s upsurge in the form of performance and customer satisfaction has improved this year.  It should be noted here that some superb efforts out-of-the-box have even taken this national carrier to break-even in operating profits. This sounds game-changing as it has finally happened after a quite long time.

With things happening well in favor of PIA and this special discount on the occasion looks good for entire Pakistan. So, if you avail this PIA Defence Day Discount, share how was your experience traveling with them this time.

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