Nicknames of Pakistani Celebrities: Momina Mustehsan is called Momo (Know More)

A crazy fan needs to know each and everything about his/her favorite star and with knowing everything the quest of knowing more still remains the same. The point is you don’t want to settle for any misinformation or rumours about your favorite celebrity; what you all want to stay with is facts and never-known before information.

The stardom is an exciting thing as many of those bursting into it changed their name to sound more like a superstar. And we have tons of examples to back that as Maryam turned Maya Ali, Zahida Malik turned Veena Malik, and Armghaan Shahid turned Shaan Shahid to give more of the celebrity feel.

But the other side of the story is no matter how much big of a star they turn out, those near and dear loves calling them with their nicknames. At times it’s an odd situation to hear those nicknames while on the sets or appearing in some show, but what someone can do about it as it is what it is.

This write-up will let you know about the nicknames of your favorite celebrities, and in case we miss out on any of them, feel free to upgrade our knowledge in the comments section below.

The wittiest side of the pet names of celebrities is at times they feel insecure about it. Staying marginalized about that, many of the celebrities feel no disgrace in unveiling their nicknames during interviews as it is something really cozy for them.

Pakistani Celebrities Nicknames You Need to Know

Mahira Khan – Mahiru

Mahira Khan is nicknamed as Mahiru

The superstar in both real and reel life is named ‘Mahiru’ and no doubt you’d have loved that pet name of one of the biggest actresses of Pakistan entertainment industry.


Momina Mustehsan – Momo

Do you know Momina Mustehsan's nickname is Momo.

Yes, you heard it right, ‘Momo’, but let us make clear that isn’t inspired by the iconic character from the Bulbulay of the similar name. So, it’s purely your call to call Momina Musteshan Momo, when you next time see her. Not sure, if she comes up with some quirky reply.


Shehryar Munawar – Sherry

The PHL star Shehryar Munawar is nicknamed as Sherry

The guy who is winning it all as a chocolate hero, don’t talk about his active role in ‘Project Ghazi’ is actually winning it all. He lived it up to the hype with his latest flick ‘Parey Hut Love’ as well. Hope he won’t mind being called Sherry upon his next meet and greet with fans.


Meera Jee – Meeru

Star Pakistani actress Meera Jee has got a nickname Meeru

How pleasing ‘Meeru’ sounds to the ears, hope Meera Jee won’t have any issues about that. The fact is Meeru sounds more ecstatic and it’s good to go for the actress who’s once again in the limelight with her powerful performance in film ‘Baaji’.


Zara Noor Abbas – PIKU

The promiisng actress Zara Noor Abbas goes with a nickname PIKU

It isn’t PK and not even inspired by Deepika Padukone’s PIKU, this is what we believe. The innocent-looking Abbas with the doe-eyes is nicknamed PIKU and it seems the endearment is because of her overloaded cuteness.


Junaid Khan – Juni

The singer-cum-actress Juanid is called Juni by his near and dear ones

Everybody has a friend Junaid, who is endeared as Juni or Jonny. Just clearing the dirt over the matter, the singer-cum-actor Junaid Khan nicknamed as Juni isn’t your next-door friend.


Hareem Farooq – Hareemay

The sizzling Hareem Farooq is nicknamed as Hareemay

The gorgeous actress is in the limelight for all the right reasons, yes, we are talking about her impressive performance in ‘Heer Maan Ja’. Hareem’s nickname feels like an elongated version of her name.


Ahmed Ali Butt – Butt Jee

Ahmed Ali Butt aka Butt Jee

He seems to be the lone warrior as a comedian in the film industry. No offence, he is just making people believe Butt (caste) have got some real sense of humour.


Ali Hamza – Hamoo

Ali Hamza of Noori Band

The Noori band famous musician Ali Hamza is up with some soul-searching tracks quite often. Not sure, how that nickname ‘Hamoo’ goes with his personality.

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