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Mohsin Abbas tying knot with Nazish Jahangir? Real or Fake

It’s been around a month since Mohsin Abbas’ personal life is the talk of the town and as everyone knows it not for good reasons. The promising actor is having a face-off with none other than his better half and that has stirred some real debate on social media. It seems like the situation isn’t going in favor of the NMA famous star even though he has tried his very best to clear the dirt of the matter.

Even Mohsin Abbas’ alleged girlfriend Nazish Jahangir made a statement that he has nothing to with the allegations Fatima Sohail pelted against her. The aspiring model wasn’t alright with her being portrayed as a homewrecker.  Moreover, she also said that Mohsin Abbas’ wife used to talk with her if she was having an extramarital affair with her husband, why she’d have done this?

A lot of heresy has been surrounding this on-going controversy and that even saw many bigwigs from the entertainment world stay vocal about it. Many of the celebrities voiced against Mohsin Abbas inhumane attitude with his wife as her bruised face were floating all over the internet.

Fatima Sohail

Is Mohsin Abbas marrying Nazish Jahangir soon?

Before it would have all settled down, it seems like yet another big-news is on its way sooner. Let it be mentioned, the abuzz around suggests Mohsin Abbas marrying Nazish Jahangir. What has made these speculations standout as one talked about thing is a recent post from an Instagram fan page?

And in case you think, a mere post from fan page is the reason of this write-up, then you need to rethink as both the celebrities Mohsin Abbas and Nazish Jahangir have endorsed/supported that in some capacity from their real accounts.

What’s the story?

An Instagram account named ‘AnayaSheikh52’ posted a photo of Mohsin Abbas and Nazish Jahangir and captioned it as ‘Best Couple Soon’. What happened next wasn’t something anybody would have accepted. Nazish Jahangir replied to the post on Instagram by saying ‘Soon INSHALLAH’. And what’s confirming that there’s something brewing for sure as Mohsin Abbas liked her comment straightaway.

Nazish jahangir couple


mohsin abbas other half

Edit: The Instagram post is no more there, means it is deleted. PS: The screenshots attached are real.

About Nazish Jahangir

Who is Nazish Jahangir

Hailing from Islamabad, Nazish Jahangir got her degree in interior designing with the go-to aim of becoming a writer. Now taken as one of the promising names in the modeling and the acting world; the gorgeous lady also featured in MazaaqRaat along with IbrarulHaq back in July 2018. Nazish has already set goals for her career and proving herself as an actor and model came within that. The topmost priority for her is standing tall as a writer as she’s very much into short story writing and poetry as well.

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