Mohammad Amir Biography- From Next Wasim Akram to no place in World Cup 2019 Squad?

Mohammad Amir Biography- From Next Wasim Akram to no place in World Cup 2019 Squad?

Mohammad Amir was sort of Wasim Akram’s déjà vu in Pakistan cricket team, and once with outshining the big guns of the cricketing world, he roared as the next big thing in this game of gentleman. Together with making up as lethal combo of Wasim and Waqar, Amir and Asif were supposed to leave a bigger footprint on Pakistan cricket team following Inzamam’s retirement and young captain Salman Butt coming in house. This dream of seeing Pakistan cricket for what it was known decades back died in the midway and that happened as the spot-fixing scandal hit them, and their biggest names of the time Salman But, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were said to be involved in that.

The worst part of this story that deemed the chances of the rise of Green Shirts wasn’t only the tainted trio and cricket loving fans head down back again, it was 18-year old Mohammad Amir who ruined his potential career ahead. He came, he saw, he conquered was all true until Amir got caught up in this fixing scandal, which banned him from playing cricket for 5 years and time in prison as well.

Though Amir, topped up all with the fast bowling talent was equally a culprit along with experienced cricketers like Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, still what made cricket-enthusiasts have soft-corner for him was his tender age of 18 that lured him to earn big money through a shortcut.

The 5-year ban followed up by the rehabilitation, lectures and then plenty of time in domestic cricket couldn’t keep Mohammad Amir keep from the game of cricket and finally, it was his comeback into the national side, which left cricket-fans divided as pro-Amir and anti-Amir. The leftie-quickie once touted as next Wasim Akram defied all odds and it was his epic performance in Champions Trophy Final 2017 against India that helped him stand as ‘hero’ from ‘villain’ once again. The cricket-fans were on cloud nine to see Amir exhibit what he was known for but that could only remain once in a blue moon with courtesy of Pakistan Cricket team’s poor fielding.


Mohammad Amir Age

April 13, 1992

Bursting into the international scenes just at the age of 17, firing for a year, and then facing a 5-year long ban, then making a comeback and playing for several years; this is Amir’s story until here. Just 27 years of age now, there’s still much left with Amir if there’s no serious injury intervening between. Those who think poor form can oust Amir need to rethink as he knows how to trigger at the right moment, especially in tournament finals.


Mohammad Amir Early Life

Hailing from a poor family residing in Changa Bangial, Gujar Khan, Amir couldn’t give up the dream to become a cricketer. Taking Wasim Akram as his idol, the pace gun went on imitating Pakistan’s former speedster while playing on the streets and then in the ground. Amr had that control and fluent action just at the age of 10-11 and that made him the talk of the town in the local cricketing circles.  His impressive run with the ball in a local tournament got him an invitation to a cricket academy in Rawalpindi, established by Bajwa.  It won’t be wrong to say that moving to Rawalpindi was somehow the ray of hope for young Amir, who had all the reasons to be taken as a prodigy who could do big for Pakistan cricket.

Mohammad Amir Family

The only support from the family that kept Mohammad Amir motivating to do big in the cricket field was his mother, Nasim Akhtar. At the same time, she was in tatters, when she knew about Mohammad Amir involved in the notorious spot-fixing scandal. Mohammad Amir had to survive the demise of her mother on 5th March at the National Hospital and Medical Centre in Lahore, who lost her battle against the prolonged illness. The national star cricketer rushed back to Lahore from Dubai during PSL while his mother was in ICU. The fellow cricketers prayed for the departed soul and also prayed for Amir’s well-being.


Mohammad Amir Wife

When more than half of the world was against Mohammad Amir, it was Narjis who stood by her side, whom he met in a family function in 2010. The British citizen Narjis also remained in every thick and think of the fast bowler following the spot-fixing scandal.  They both entered the wedlock with performing the Nikkah back in 2014 in a private function, whereas the wedding nuptials were done with full pomp and show back in September 2016.

The couple, Mohammad Amir-Narjis Khatun was blessed with a daughter in September 2017, whom they named Minsa. The cricketing world yet again didn’t miss the opportunity to congratulate the left-handed pacer.


Mohammad Amir International Outing

The rise of Mohammad Amir in the limelight was quick, and so was his readiness to play for the national side with proving his mettle in domestic and U-19 cricket. Just at the age of 17, Amir was not only knocking at the door of Pakistan Cricket Team, but he was all set to turn the worst nightmare of many top batsmen of the cricketing world. With hovering over 80 mph and clicking 90 frequently, Amir was too much of a prospect for Pakistan cricket team, and he took no longer to prove that as he dismantled Dilshan and sent him back for the five-ball duck in World Twenty20 2009 Final. This was just one of his glimpses as continued with it even on the tours like England, Australia, and New Zealand.


Mohammad Amir Spot Fixing

Pakistan was on cloud nine as it was a rare find to see bowlers like Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif bowling alongside, and that too under a young captain, who had some great cricketing sense. All this fainted in a split second when during the England tour, the media was all obsessed with the spot-fixing scandal. It won’t be wrong to call that it was one of the worst scandals that ever hit the gentleman’s game.

Long story short, the prodigy Amir turned out a tainted cricketer along with the fellow cricketers Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt.  It was nothing short of annihilation for Pakistan cricket, which had to yet again go through another trauma following Bob Wolmer’s death and Inzamam’s retirement.

Mohammad Amir Comeback

Amir was penalized for wrong doings but the tender age thing worked for him as he was only banned for 5 years’ time in comparison to Salman Butt’s 10 and Mohammad Asif’s 5-year ban. Right from there cricket fans were divided as one of the of view that Amir was too young to make a call it was the captain who shoved him into all that, hence, he should be given another chance. In contrast to that, some of them were against the discrimination and voiced to keep Amir from the international comeback no matter what.

Even the senior national team stars like Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali had apprehensions of sharing the dressing room with Amir. But the left-arm-quickie kept things talking with his magical performances in the domestic circles, and finally got the opportunity to prove his worth yet again in the international cricket. Amir lacked the consistency what he was known in the past, but still, his fiery spell in Asia Cup and Champions Trophy Final against India kept him in the limelight.


Mohammad Amir Bowling Speed

Many cricket fans are of the view that Amir has lost his pace that was too good to give shivers to the world-class batsmen, but that’s no truth to an extent as he still clocks near to 90 mph every now and then.  It’s his swing that is somehow lost in the thin air, and that’s what hindered him from doing wonders with the ball again.


Mohammad Amir CT Final

The show Pakistani batsmen put against the Indian bowling on 18th June 2017 Champions Trophy Final was no doubt mammoth but what worked as icing on the cake over it was Mohammad Amir’s match-winning spell. The left arm pacer ran through the top order of Indian batting including one of the finest batsmen of the current generation Virat Kohli.


Mohammad Amir Wickets

It’s finally going to be the time for World Cup 2019 and Mohammad Amir has not enough wickets to his name to get in for this mega event as selector’s favourite. His strike rate that has fallen too low can be better described as he has taken only 5 wickets in the last two years. To be very exact, Champions Trophy 2017 final was last time, when he stood up tall for Green Shirts.


Mohammad Amir World Cup Squad 2019

Amid all this, it won’t be wrong to say that Amir’s hopes of getting in Pakistan Cricket team’s World Cup Squad are lingering right now. But what would be a breath of fresh air for star bowler’s fan is the legendary fast bowler is still voicing in support of Amir’s inclusion in the world cup squad. Not only this, but he also went on saying that he sees next Pakistan cricket team captain in leftie pacer.



Mohammad Amir Latest News

Even though Amir doesn’t have enough wickets but his economy spells have made him stand tall among his counterparts. And that’s the reason he is in the probable list of 23 players, shortlisted for the World Cup 2019. It will be relevant to mention here that poor fielding has been one serious reason behind Amir going wicket-less in many of the outings. At the same time, his economical spells at death are equally crucial and that’s why he’s in the list of probable. Pakistan Cricket Board will be announcing the squad for world cup on 18th April, six days before Green Shirts will be travelling England on 83-day long tour including the prestigious world cup.