Mehwish Hayat Dance Rehearsal Video

Mehwish Hayat Set The Social Media On Fire With Her Latest Dance Video

On Monday, Pakistani model, actress, singer and yes the winner of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Mehwish Hayat uploaded her dance rehearsal video on the internet with co-star Ahsan Khan at Hum TV awards which have grabbed the attention of millions on social media as Mehwish Hayat and Ahsan Khan is one of the most renowned actors in Pakistan Media Industry who worked in many drama series together including Mirat-Ul-Uroos and adorable on-screen couple has garnered fame due to their great acting skills.

Mehwish Hayat Dance Video


 The video of her dance rehearsal was uploaded on her Instagram official account with a caption:

“Setting the stage alight with the fabulous @khanahsanofficial at the 7th Hum Awards rehearsals, performing together after five years! If you think this is hot … wait till you see the final performance,” 


Mehwish Hayat Instagram Caption

In the video, the starlet of Chalwwa was dressed in an entrancing white and pink outfit and was dancing with Ahsan Khan after five years on a Punjabi song “Kaala Dooriyan”.

Mehwish Dance Rehearsal Pic

But Mehwish Hayat’s clip of rehearsal video has stirred the debate on social media. On the one hand, rehearsal video of Mehwish Hayat  garnered admiration as her fans enjoyed her dance moves and said she can wear any kind of dress in rehearsal.

fans positive comment on Mehwish dance


On the other hand attracted ire as well by some of the conservative internet users who accuse Mehwhish Hayat of immoral conduct and dressing. Moreover, they said her dress is inappropriate, vulgar and revealing.

twitter account of Mehwish


However, to answer them Mehwish Hayat fired back through twitter and said:  “It is my prerogative to wear whatever I so desire”. Additionally, she said critics should respect her dress choice as she used to respect theirs. Not only this, but internet users criticized the choreography of the song “Kaala Dooriyan” as well and said they Mehwish Hayat was copying Indians.

comment on Mehwish video


The reason behind this controversy can be Mehwish Hayat’s good religious status as she is included in the list of The Muslim Vibe’s top five women across the globe who are trying to make this world a better place to live. Moreover, two months ago in Norway, she has also received a Pride of performance and used to talk about religion on multiple platforms. Additionally, Mehwish Hayat is also a brand ambassador of Muslim Islamic Charity due to which people were not expecting this kind of dressing and bold dance moves from her.

Despite all these controversies, we wish Mehwish Hayat more success in the future as she is one of the most talented and versatile actresses in Pakistan. 

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