Listen ‘Alif’ Drama OST Full Title Song and Lyrics by Momina Mustehsan – Shuja Haider

The Drama ‘Alif’ is making the audience restless with teasers as they can’t wait for the release date of the drama, 5th October. The drama-enthusiasts are already on the edge of their seats as this drama is taken as one of the most hyped Pakistani dramas of 2019. Now with Alif OST out it seems like the hype was for real and all this delay is worth-waiting.

The co-producer Sana Shahnawaz last month took to Instagram to let her followers know about the final cut of Alif Drama OST and she also took the moment to appreciate both the vocalists Momina Musteshan and Shuja Haider. The song is out now and the heaps of praises for Momina were really justified as just with her debut drama OST, she has crooned it like a pro. Not taking away anything from Momina’s Coke Studio success and other tracks, but this time for Alif dram’s OST, her soulful voice has worked as icing on the cake.


This much-awaited Pakistani drama of 2019 is the adaptation of Umera Ahmed’s novel ‘Alif’ and with Haseeb Hasan at the helm, nothing could go off target. The ensemble cast drama also captures some scenic views all the way from Turkey.

Watch ‘Alif’ Full OST Video Song

Alif drama OST full video song is out and it’s just making people go fall in love with it. The melody Shuja Haider and Momina create are impeccable and the video reveals chunks of the story as with every passing day it’s getting difficult for the audience to wait for this drama, which is already in the limelight for all the right reasons.

Alif OST Lyrics

Alif Pakistani Drama

Chithian Lekh Lekh Yaar Mannawa Tay Yaar Na Howay Razi
Rab Sonay Nu Araz Mein Pawa Tay De Day Duniya Sari

Alif……! Bus

Nikal Para Mein Par Phalay
Thaak Gaya Hoon Dil Bhalay

Aatish Lagi Aur Tishnagi Sena Yeh Mera Kyu Jilay
Alif….. Alif Bus Harf Nahi Yeh Zarf Hai Kamal Ka

Ibtada Jahan Ki Jawab Har Sawal Ka

Alif… Bus!

Ishq-e-Awal Ko Duja Na Kar
Sath Apni Ko Pooja Na Kar

Mohabbatein Bandon Ko Day
Ishq Pay Bus Haq Alif Ka Bandya

Alif… Bus!

Pairon May Tere Zanjeerein Hain
Hum Ko Na Tum Mil Pao Gaye

Mere Muqadar Say Pocho
Aisay Juda Ho Jao Gaye

Dard He Kyu Sikha Raha Hai Kaisay Jetay Hai Zindagi
Dard Apna Dawa Samjh Tu Na Samjh Aisay Bebasi

Is Jahan Main Na Raha Ishq Sacha Jaan-e-Man
Bus Rahay Naam-e-Alif, Kar Liya Hai Zebtan

Alif… Bus!

Chithian Lekh Lekh Yaar Mannawa Tay Yaar Na Howay Razi
Rab Sonay Nu Araz Mein Pawa Tay De Day Duniya Sari

Alif Drama Cast

Standing as one of the most awaited dramas of this ongoing year, the makers have brought in the multi-cosmic cast to make sure it stays second to none. The producers Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun Saeed have roped in few of the most looked out for names of the industry to make it multi-cosmic cast super hit drama of the year. ‘Alif’ will see Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly and Kubra Khan in the lead roles, whereas Ahsan Khan, Sadaf Kanwal, and Osman Khalid Butt will also be playing important characters in the serial. Moreover, one can speculate more of the surprises coming out of Alif’s cast as anchor Iqrar-ul-Hasan was also seen along with cast while shooting in Turkey, back in May this year.

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