Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar Finally Break Silence Over Unprofessional Attitude Of Saba Hameed & Urwa Hocane

Khalil Ur Rehman is the ace writer of Boota from Toba Tek Singh, Pyare Afzal, Sadqay Tumhare, Mohabbat Tum Sy Nafrat Hai, Laal Ishq and presently running Mere Pass Tum Ho. He always used to amaze his audience with his quality work and gives hit after hit with his writing skills. Not only a playwright but Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is also a novelist, poet, director, and producer as well. 

Recently, he worked on a project “Kaaf Kangna” whose main cast includes Saba Hameed, Eshaal Fayyaz, Ayesha Omar and Sami khan. The film is going to release on 25th October and the female lead is Eshal Fayyaz, however, the first lead was Sohai Ali Abro which was later replaced by Urwa Hocane which according to Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar was begging for the role that’s why he cut Sohai Ali Abro and cast her. But Khalil Ur Rehman in one of his interviews said that it is a dreadful experience for him to work with Urwa Hocane which forced him to go on meds due to which he replaced her with Eshal Fayyaz.

Khalil Ur Rehman & Urwa Hocane

And in a response Urwa said:

“Khalil sa’ab always calls me beta and he’s like a father figure to me,” Urwa responded. “He’s older than me and I have nothing but respect for him.” Further, she added:

“He’s just upset that I couldn’t do the role,” and “It was a role that first Sohai was supposed to do and then it was offered to me. I agreed but when we sat down and started discussing the character, I realized that there was no compatibility. Khalil sa’ab is essentially a writer and the character he had perceived as a director was not suitable to me. I’ve never worked with him as a director; he did an amazing script for Punjab Nahi Jaungi but as a director, his vision for the character did not suit me.” She concluded:

“I know he’s angry, but I won’t take it personally,” she concluded. “He’s genuinely upset and I understand that. It’s okay if he’s angry with me.”

But now once again Khalil Ur Rehman break silence in Nadia Khan show MorningAtHome on PTV, over the unprofessional attitude of Urwa Hocane and Saba Hameed. Moreover, announced publicly to boycott Mehmood Aslam, Sohai Ali Abro, Urwa Hocane, and Saba Hameed.

Furthermore, he said:

” Ese Beiman aur dishonest logo ke sath main kabhi kaam nahi karo ga main ne apni zindagi main kabhi in jese Beiman log nahi dekhay Sohai se mujeh kam gilay hain magar Urwa ki waja se main ne bohot azaab jhelay hain Allah hi usey maaf karay “

That is what he said in an interview with Nadia Khan:

However, Saba Hameed, Sohai Ali Abro, and Mehmood Aslam have not responded yet. 

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