It’s time for Rabi Pirzada vs Mehwish Hayat – Grab your Popcorn Guys

The advent of social media in Pakistan has just triggered the ‘battle of the best’ and that’s when every other day you see celebrity taking down the colleague from fraternity. In last couple of months, these social media fights between Pakistani celebrities have sky-rocketed  and being an onlooker and social media addict in some capacity, we can do very little in this regard. The option is still there to join the bandwagon of your favorite celebrity and go ahead trolling the one he/she is facing off.  The other thing on the cards is grab your popcorn, setback and relax.

The latest social media fight or antic is about Rabi Pirzada and Mehwish Hayat, the Tamgha Imtiaz winner going through the lean patch. The pop singer, who is known for being vocal on social media, took dig at JPNA actress and in response to that she had opted to stay mum over this ongoing problematic situation.

It all started after Mehwish was brutally trolled for not speaking up about Kashmir during a question by media person in a charity event. The gorgeous actress declined to talk about Kashmir issue with saying that she is actually being stopped from talking about that. What worked more to the curiosity was she saying that someone has stopped her from talking about this burning issue.

The netizens took Mehwish to the cleaners and hapless in the situation she could only come up with clarifications, and with so far the result it seems like no one is buying it either. Taking advantage of this situation Rabi Pirzada who goes with hashtag #Kashmirkibeti (Kashmir’s daughter) nowadays trolled Mehwish Hayat. Pirzada took jibe at her by even commenting about her surgery to get beautiful and choice of doing item song ‘Billi’ in ‘Na Maloom Afrad’.



The internet stood divided over it as always and many of them are waiting Mehwish Hayat to clap back over Rabi Peerzada, whose arrest warrant was issued days back over keeping exotic animals.



This ongoing social media battle raises few questions, and one of them is: Can we really stand united over anything or even Kashmir Issue?

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