Iqra Aziz Film With Yasir Hussain

Iqra Aziz debut film alongside Yasir Hussain: Here’s what you don’t know about ‘Half Fry’

Gaining popularity in a short span of time by giving exceptional performance in dramas Suno Chanda’s starlet Iqra Aziz is teaming up with fresh talented actor, host, and playwright, Yasir Hussain for her debut film. However, Yasir Hussain has appeared in several films before, including Lahore Sy Agy, Karachi Sy Lahore, Chhalawa, Band Tou Bajy Ga, and Karachi Lahore. But on the other hand, Iqra Aziz has signed a feature film for the first time with her fiance Yasir Hussain. However, this is not for the time that they both are appearing together in a project as they are already working on a drama series “Jhooti” alongside Ahmed Ali Butt, which is also going to be released soon.

Let’s dig out what’s Iqra Aziz Debut Film is all about


Title Of Iqra Aziz Debut Film

Iqra along with Yasir hussain

The title of the film was announced earlier and that is “Half Fry”, however, the storyline is not announced yet but according to some leaks, “Half Fry” would be an action-romantic-comedy movie. So, this time Iqra’s fans are going to see action romance and comedy together.


Iqra Aziz Debut Film Director & Writer

Writer of Half fry movie

“Half Fry” is directed and penned down by Abu Aleeha who has previously directed two films “Kataksha” horror movie and a crime thriller “Tevar” which were released in 2019. However, these two films were not super-duper hit movies but were the best examples of the director’s vision. Moreover, the director Abu Aleeha always comes with the remarkable cast and this time Iqra Aziz and Yassir Hussain are going to be leading stars in his film.


Star Cast Of Iqra Aziz Debut Film

"Half Fry" Star cast

However, not so much is revealed about the cast but it has been confirmed that “Half Fry” will feature the household name of drama industry Iqra Aziz and starlet of Lahore Se Aagey Yasir Nawaz along with fresh faces in drama industry, Faryal Mehmood and Faizan Khawaja. Faizan Khawaja has appeared in a few films before including Life Story as Shayan which was the first film of Pakistan made for television and was produced by himself, then in Chupan Chupai he played the role of Bobby Durrani, and in Bankster he appeared as Akash which was Hindi short film, however, Faryal Mehmood is appearing for the first time in a feature film.


Releasing Date Of Iqra Aziz Debut Film

According to Yasir Hussain, the film is going to be released on Eid-Ul-Fitr as while talking about the film he said: “It’ll be released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2020. Abu Aleeha (Kataksha) is the writer and director and it’s an action rom-com.”

This year has proved as a year of glory for Iqra Aziz as she has won Lux Style Awards for giving exceptional performance in drama series “Suno Chanda” and the best actress award as well for performing remarkably in drama series including “Choti Si Zindagi”,” Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” and so forth. We hope that this debut film “Half Fry” of Iqra Aziz along with Yasir Hussain will add another feather in her cap.


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