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Iqra Aziz Biography – Suno Chanda star’s thick and thin of life

The Pakistani drama actress Iqra Aziz, just 21 years of age upholds 5 years of experience in Pakistani drama industry. And all these years she has got many big drama serials and mind-boggling performances to her name, including most famous out of all, Suno Chanda (2018), Laaj (2016), Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018), Natak (2017), and many more. The petite, sizzling and of course the bold actress is giving the run of their money to many ace drama actresses out there.

Iqra Aziz, who is once again all in the headlines for the sequel of her massive hit drama, Momina Duraid’s ‘Suno Chanda’ is yet to open her account in Pakistan’s film industry. Moreover, there’s no film project in the pipeline as well so Iqra’s fans would have to wait a bit more to see her making a film debut.

Starting just an early age of 14 with giving an audition for a TVC and getting snapped up by Citrus Talent Agency, besides her sister’s support, she went on crying on the sets minute before shooting.  But finally with her elder sister, Sidra Aziz calming her down to get the best out of her; she not only executed it well but also never looked back since then. Raised as a single parent by her mother, who is also regarded as the first Careem driver in Karachi, ‘Suno Chanda’ actress still has her uncompleted degree from the University of Karachi, which she has the plan to complete anytime sooner.

Everything You Need to Know About Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz Age

24th November 1997 (21 years)

Iqra Aziz’s age has been a long stirring controversy for many and an unsolved mystery for others as different sources claim her to be of 27 years, and some even assert the stunning actress is 24 years old. Following that Iqra’s age has been the talk of the town with leaving many eye-balls wide open as she has just crossed her teenage era and still holds over the half-decade of drama industry experience on her responsible shoulders.

The actress, who is often associated with Yasir Hussain, stabbed all the claims regarding her age during an interview with Momin Ali Munshi and said that loud and clearer that her real age is 21 as her birth date is 24th November 1997.

Iqra Aziz Height

1.45 m
4.7 Feet

The diminutive stature has never been a hurdle for her as the energy-pack performance, and petite yet attractive physique makes her the showstopper with even being so many stars around. Though it’s a fact that she has lesser height as compared to her counterparts, but rather turning a negative of her personality, it turned out to be a boon in disguise for her as this becomes her signature characteristic, which added more into her popularity.

The innocent-faced Iqra Aziz holds another side and that’s more on her Instagram, and often gets under the radar of netizens morality brigade. The gorgeous actress has no repent over anything that even incites social media troll floating her way.

Iqra Aziz Age

Iqra Aziz Education

Being an early starter Iqra had to leave her education midway but with a promise to her mother that she would continue it any sooner. Starting at an early age of 13 with a TVC, Iqra went on pursuing her education along until leaving her Bachelors of Commerce Degree at University of Karachi midway.

Once in an interview, she told that being the sister of a software engineer and having a strict mother like that for sure she had to go back and complete her degree as not letting down with the academics was one of the conditions she was allowed to go ahead with joining the entertainment industry.

Iqra Aziz Family

Iqra Aziz hails from a humble background, calling which an epitome of self-made ladies won’t be wrong at all as her mother hailed as first female Careen driver in Karachi, went on raising her kids as a single parent.  At the same time her elder sister, who is a software engineer is herself an inspirational character in drama actress’ life.

It should be noted here that Iqra has been very much vocal about the role of two ladies in her life, her mother and sister as she credits one of upbringing her and other of supporting her to join showbiz industry.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

Just in a short span of time and with no film on her account, Iqra Aziz has got all the right reasons to be the talk of the town. And in these circumstances, one can’t avoid rumor milling around.  But before this could create hoopla around Affan brushed off such rumors terming that Iqra is a good friend and a wonderful colleague of him, and there is nothing of romantic nature in between both of them.

Apart from that, Iqra’s name was also associated with Yasir Hussain for quite some time as they were frequently spotted hanging together. These rumors were finally put to the rest by Yasir Hussain by actually letting people know that he’s in the relationship with Suno Chanda star. This all happened as Yasir went on sharing a subtle photo with Iqra and wishing the Happy Valentine’s Day on Instagram, and she also responded to that.

Not only this but up the latest ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ star also shared a photo on social media which shows Iqra Aziz proposing him with a flower in her hand.

Iqra Aziz Top Dramas

The petite Iqra is second to none when it comes to her stature in drama industry as just in 5 years of the span, she has become one bright face of Pakistan entertainment industry, which is progressing by leaps and bounds.  ‘Kissy Apna Kahein’ marks her drama debut, where she acted in the supporting role, whereas TV series Muqaddas got her in the limelight as it was her first leading role.  Since then she never looked back and had many blockbuster dramas to her name including ‘Deewana’, ‘Socha Na Tha’, ‘Laaj’, ‘Choti Si Zindagi’, ‘Suno Chanda’, and many more.

She has previously done much of her work in television commercials and modeling as well, and now she is a star to look out for in the drama industry. But what’s missing as of now is the silver screen debut, which might take even more time as there’s nothing in the pipeline in this regard.

Iqra Aziz actress

Iqra Aziz Sister

Iqra Aziz’s sister, Sidra Aziz has been an integral reason behind her success, though she isn’t from the entertainment world, she has always been backing her younger sister to do big in the entertainment industry. It will be relevant to mention here that Sidra Aziz helped Iqra in order to get permission from their mother to make an entry in the entertainment industry.

Sidra Aziz once again came in the limelight as she went on schooling trollers, who were taking a dig at Iqra Aziz’s old and latest photos, claiming that she has just beautified herself unnaturally after she makes it to the entertainment industry.  The elder Aziz went on sharing her old photo as well just in support of Iqra and that worked superbly.

Iqra Aziz Instagram

At first, Iqra was only limited to the somber roles in the drama industry, but with likes of ‘Suno Chanda’ she went on showcasing her versatility too. Her Instagram is another side of the story as she isn’t reluctant to post her bold photos despite the strong criticism by the online moral brigades. In an interview, she told that whatever she posts on social media gets approval from her mother in the first place and then gets uploaded, so she isn’t worried about it at all.

As much as Iqra is popular in the drama these days, she is equally setting social media on fire, especially her Instagram as she stands tall with over 2 million followers over there.

Iqra Aziz Dance

Iqra Azis isn’t an ordinary drama actress, indeed she is a celebrity who very well knows how to make the place in the headlines. As mentioned above, Iqra’s Instagram has been a mainstream thing as well; she isn’t reluctant to post her videos and photos of dancing.

Many of her fans were on the cloud nine seeing Iqra’s matchless moves along with music, but following the strong criticism from the cyber bullies, the flamboyant star had to step back and remove such videos and photos.

Iqra Aziz Tattoo

There has been a lot of heresy about Iqra Aziz’s tattoos as many believe she doesn’t have one. In a move to flaunt this tattoo, Iqra went on sharing one sizzling photo of her on Instagram. But that somehow backfired as again she turned out to be a ‘free-hit’ for the trollers.  She went on removing her photo in a matter of split seconds, but still, she successfully made waves across the internet.