Coke studio 12 episode 3 not to release tonight

In Solidarity With Families Of Tezgam Train Victims Coke Studio Postponed Episode 3

One of the most horrifying tragedies took place yesterday in the history of Pakistan Railway, near Liaquatpur when Tezgam Express caught fire which was en route to the city Rawalpindi from Karachi. In this tragic incident, 73 people were killed, over 40 injured and 90 percent of them were burnt alive. According to the ministry, the fire was caught when passengers were preparing breakfast for themselves in the train and the fire engulfed two coaches of economy class. But whatever the cause is, the incident is tragic which has left every eye in grieve.

Coke studio season 12

Coke Studio 12 was ready to release episode 3 featuring ‘Mubarik Mubarik’ by Banur’s Band and Atif Aslam, ‘Humnawa, Chal Raha Hu’ by Umair Jaswal and Aadam’ by Abu Muhammad and Farid Ayaz. But due to this disastrous incident, Coke Studio 12 announced through social media that episode 3 is not going to be released tonight in solidarity with families of Tezgam Train victims. The producer of Coke Studio 12 shared a statement on Twitter and said, “In solidarity with the families affected by the Tezgam train tragedy, Coke Studio Season 12 Episode 3 will not be releasing today”. Further, he said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and individuals who were affected by this tragic incident.”

Now the statement has gone viral over social media and coke studio’s fans are appreciating this step as one of the fans commented, “Totally understandable and much-appreciated step. Rohail Hyatt is winning hearts, hands down!”.

While another commented, “That’s why Coke Studio is known as Sound of Nation.


The entire nation has been mourning over this devastating incident which has taken away several lives. Many celebrities took social media to send prayers to the departed souls and to support the victims of Tezgam Train incident as Mehwish Hayat said, “Prayers & condolences for all those who lost their lives in the #Tezgam incident. Made even more tragic by the fact that it could’ve been prevented if adequate checks on baggage had been in place,” wrote Tamgha e Imtiaz recipient, Mehwish Hayat. While talking about the victims of Tezgam Train incident Ushna Shah wrote, “Thoughts and prayers for the families of those who lost their lives.” She added, “Now is not the time to victim blame, now is the time to mourn. I can not imagine losing a loved one, especially in this way. This is just so horrible.” Moreover, Ali Rehman asked his fans to recite Surah Al-Fatihah for the deceased people.

Armeena Rana Khan also felt sad about this train incident and said:

Several other prominent celebrities including Asim Azhar, legendary cricketer Shahid Afridi and Veena Malik also sent prayers for the Tezgam Train victims and their families. This incident is really very tragic that needs to be investigated. May Allah grant all the departed souls with the highest rank in Jannat!


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