Get over Frogs, People of Sindh are Happily Eating Grasshopper Karahi and Biryani

The news of frog being supplied as meat in Lahore restaurants shook the internet after two brothers were caught red-handed with over 200 KG dead frogs. The incomplete story created hoopla like no other as Lahoris were announced as a victim of this heinous act one more time. Not to forget previously, cases of donkey meat being supplied across Lahore as beef were all over the internet.  The findings so far unveil this frog-eating story was fabricated or better to call exaggerated as the guys catching frogs claimed they had the license for it as it was used for dissection and other experiments at medical colleges.

Let’s get over Lahoris frog-eating story as people of Sindh are happily eating Grasshoppers aka Locusts and that too with knowing that.  In case you had the slightest doubt that people are eating that against their will, Samaa TV’s latest report reveals this is one of the favorite delicacies of the locals. And what’s more to the point is they even have got names for the dishes as follows ‘Tiddi Karahi’ and ‘Tiddi Biryani’.

This happening in focus is actually from Tharparkar where the resident went on hunting ‘Grasshoppers’ as they were ruining farms and crops. Although, it yet remains undiscovered that since when this locust eating is happening in Sindh and how legal it is to do so. Moreover, still, it’s unclear whether it’s Haram or Halal for eating purpose as this seems to be the first of its own kind incident making into the limelight.

The Grasshopper cuisines are openly on sale in Chachro and the report shows people are more than glad to feast their taste buds with them. Even in the video one can see how one of the customers is speaking highly of this local cuisine. While talking about the taste he went on claiming ‘Tiddi Biryani’ tastes better than that of fish.

At the same time, hotel owner proudly told foodies from far-flung areas also visit to eat this much-hyped delicacy. Furthermore, he also claimed that people visiting his restaurant eat over 200-300 grasshoppers in different cuisines.

It will be pertinent to mention here that Locust (Grasshopper) is seen as a major threat to agriculture in Sindh and with this way around they are actually feasting on something that was leaving them in lurches.  Some reports in this regard also suggest these Grasshopper cuisines are up on sale across Sindh. Not sure if it’s available in Karachi as well or not.

Though it sounds weird,  still it is what it is, the grasshoppers are a rich source of Vitamins (A, B, C) and contain enough of the protein content as well. Even then the point stands firm whether this dish is Halal or Haram and how healthy it can be for the consumers. But one thing is sure as of now it stands out as a temporary solution for people of Tharparkar as these grasshoppers were destroying their only source of bread-winning, agriculture.

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