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Everything you need to know about Tik Tok star Daniyal Khan, who died in Islamabad Car Accident

The prominent Tik Tok star Daniyal Khan passed away in a horrific car accident and everyone is grieving on his death as it is a big loss for the nation. The budding star had huge fan-following on TikTok and the horrific accident has left his family and fans mourning over it.

Let’s have a look at Daniyal Khan’s life:

Daniyal Khan Biography

Everything about Tik Tok star Daniyal Khan

Daniyal Khan was born on 18 January and was a proud student of Punjab College of Science, Islamabad. The youngster had earned a lot of fame in a short span of time due to his amazing Tik Tok videos and became a renowned and prominent 18 years old Tik Tok star with over 0.2 million followers on his official Tik Tok account.

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Daniyal Khan Instagram

Daniyal Khan Tik Tok star

Named as “shdaniyalkhan47”, Daniyal Khan has 31.9K followers and 244 posts on his official Instagram account on which he shared mostly his solo or grouped photoshoots. But after his untimely death, his fans are requesting to report his Instagram to deactivate the account.

Daniyal Khan Tik Tok Videos


Daniyal Khan was a popular Tik Tok personality with over 0.2 million followers. He joined one of the most popular social media platform-Tik Tok to share his incredible talent of acting with the world through his videos. He used to share various kinds of videos on Tik Tok including humorous and sad performance videos and was successful in garnering fame.

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TikTok star Daniyal Khan Accident Video

Everyone’s favorite Daniyal Khan and his three friends Adnan, Usama and Danial died in a road accident at Islamabad Expressway near I/8 Interchange on Sunday. Daniyal Khan and his three friends were out on a car just for some enjoyment and fun but nobody knows that they will return back on the deathbed. Three died on the spot but one failed to resist his injuries and died at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science(PIMS) during medical aid.

Police said the reason behind the accident was speeding and bad weather that caused the car to overturn, fatally injured the four youngsters. The eye-witnesses said that the car turned into the wreckage and different parts of the car scattered on both sides of the road.

According to the doctors, the ages of the deceased were between 20 to 22. Moreover, Daniyal Khan’s 200K fans are in shock and mourning over his untimely death and sharing condolences with his family and friends. It will be pertinent to mention here that Daniyal Khan was quite active on TikTok, with his creative videos making him earn this space in such a short time.

It is also reported that before meeting an accident Daniyal Khan was making a video for Tik Tok which went viral on the internet. The sad news of these youngster’s death spread like wildfire and has left the friends and fans in shock. However, Javaid father of Usama, Nasir father of Adnan, Sher father of Danial, and Daniyal Khan’s family have received dead bodies of their beloved children after post postmortems. Many of Daniyal Khan’s followers took to Twitter to show sorrow for his untimely death as they tweeted:

“Famous Ticktocker #Daniyalkhan & his 3 Friends died in a Road accident Yesterday. A few days ago their videos were on trending & today they’re dead. Life is nothing!. MAY ALLAH Grant them the highest ranks in Jannah? Aameen!.”

No doubt it is an unfortunate incident for everyone and the moment to be mourned. On this sad moment, we pray for him that may Allah Almighty give patience to the parents and family and may the departed young souls rest in peace.





This incident highlights that the driver should be responsible for their conduct on the road and should drive safely and slowly without overtaking others to protect themselves from such horrible accidents.

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