DG ISPR Backs Neelam Munir's item song

DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Backs Neelam Muneer’s Item Song In Kaaf Kangana- Tweet Gone Viral!

Directed by an iconic director Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, Kaaf Kangna is the project of ISPR whose star cast includes Eshal Fayyaz, Sami Khan and Ayesha Omar. The film made headlines for all the wrong reasons since its release on 25th October. Neelum Munir’s item song ‘Khwabon Mein’ has added fuel to the fire, especially when she said this movie is a project of ISPR while defending her item number. Although the film is a project of ISPR but received a very cold response from the audience.

Watch Neelam Munir’s item number here:

The item song of ‘Kaaf Kangana’ has been sung by Aima Baig and composed by Sahir Ali Bagga and titled “Khaabon Main” featuring Neelam Muneer. Although, with alcohol bottles and leering man the song has been picturized like many other item numbers, but what caught the audience’s attention is basically Neelum Munir’s dance moves and song lyrics as it opens as “Khwabon main jab main Pakistan gayi re, India main bolay saadi jaan gayi re.” and get more strange as the song continues, “Eik toh kam**na mujhe ghar lay gaya, ghar main gaye toh wahaan koi nahi tha. Baaton main aakar baatain maan gayi re. India main bolay saadi jaan gayi re.”

Due to the counteraction on the song, Neelam Muneer took social media to clarify herself and said that she did this item number just because it is a project of ISPR. Further, she added, “Perhaps this is the first and last item song of my life. But you all know that whatever I do, I own it and I do it with pride. Pakistan key liye meri jaan hamesha hazir hey.” Her tweet went viral on internet and received sarcastic response from the fans.

Meanwhile, DG ISPR also took social media to defend Neelam Munir’s item song of ‘Kaaf Kangana which has been made in collaboration with ISPR and said she was dancing among men because she was playing the role of an Indian girl in the item number, not a Pakistani girl. Additionally, he advised the audience to watch the movie and understand the context.

“The item song is by an Indian girl in the movie as per her role, you may watch movie to know the context.” In addition to this, he also tweeted about the concert’s controversy of Humera Ahmed on Kashmir Black Day at ISPR GHQ.

However, social media is not convinced by her comments and considered it as ‘pathetic reasoning’ as one of the internet users said and while others also replied to support him in comments.

Dance and song is not a worse thing itself as it has always been the part of films and considered as entertainment. But objectifying the women in a song is really a bad thing, in a society which is already a male dominant and doesn’t respect women.

Response on DG ISPR tweet

Despite all, this movie is worth watching as it is a project of ISPR and directed and pen down by renowned playwright Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar who always gives hit after hit dramas and films to amaze his fans.


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