Beautiful Places in Pakistan You Should Visit This Summer

Pakistan is known for important geographical location as it connects important regions, but it is also known for its beauty, nature, culture, and history that are worth visiting. Pakistan has a lot of valleys, mountains, forests and hill stations that must be in your wish list to be visited.

The Roaring sound of waterfall soothes your ear, and the eye-catching scene gives the presumptions of a piece of heaven. All four provinces of Pakistan along with FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and Jammu and Kashmir are adorable places for visiting as they all have different features portraying the nature in different ways.

Either it is the mountains of Nanga Parbat or the beaches in Baluchistan. Either it is Ziarat district, the second largest forest of Pakistan or the Valleys in Jammu and Kashmir they all are worth spending your time. And in this article, the most beautiful places in Pakistan are listed with respect to the zone


Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan with respect to the region, and it is gathering a big part of the natural beauty of Pakistan in it.

Beach Destinations

It has the best beaches to visit like:

  • Ormara Beach

The comforting sound of waves and the stunning view is enough to forget all the tensions of the world and enjoy life on the moment. “Not so Cold” water absorb your all the worries in it and calm you mystically.

  • Sapat Beach

The Arabian Sea on the coast of Pakistan portrays the stunning views with tropical turquoise color water. The coast brings cool winds, lofty tides, and violent aquatic in summer while winter is the season of sea sports.

Valleys in Balochistan

If you are not a sea lover, then visit the valleys in Balochistan, which has mesmerizing vista, beautiful culture, and friendly residence.

  • Quetta Valley

It is the most famous place among local tourists. The waterfall, orchids and gardens, the mountains and delicious food are the best combination to make the tourist forget about the rest of the world.

  • Moola Village

A tiny village in Baluchistan worth a visit because of a waterfall between the greens and dazzling views, Chotok waterfall has cool water encircled by hills and greenish sights.

Juniper Forest

Ziarat is one of the most stunning tourist places in Pakistan. It has the second largest juniper forest to be visited. It is green all over in Ziarat during summer and has a spectacular scene, and the best part of Ziarat is the “Ziarat Residency” that is open for tourists.

Mountain Range


Turbat range surrounding the Mirani Dam is a place to visit in this vacation. It is not only consisted of a dam, but it has greenery to give a cool breeze in hot summer days.


Punjab has the largest population among all the provinces; hence, it has a vast culture too that attracts the tourists in every season.

Margala Hills

The capital of Pakistan contains beautiful mountains. Margala hills are a part of Islamabad with a lush green hill with astonishing and eye-catching peaks. A Hilltop garden is also situated in the middle of Margala Hills known as Daman-e-Koh. It mesmerizes the tourists, and they lost their hearts in the depth of these hills.

Festivals make it beautiful

Punjab is also worth visiting because of its colorful festivals in summers. The kites covered the sky with colors in Basant, and the floor is colorful in Holi. The Monsoon is celebrated with colorful clothes named as teeyan and Mela is always attracted the tourist because of fun and amusing.


As Baluchistan, Punjab does not have magnificent Seas, but the rivers are as much mesmerizing as the coasts of Baluchistan.

  • Jhelum River

The green water of Jhelum with some mountains in between the river is so striking that once you visited it, you will fall for it.

  • Sutlej River

The longest river flowing between India and Pakistan mesmerize its visitor with turquoise water surrounded by full of green hills.


Sea Side Karachi

The coastal of the Arabian Sea touching the Karachi make it most visited places. The camel rides slow down the fast going lives; the sound of the shore silence the traffic and light diming at sunset dim the sparkling lights in your brain make you peaceful and calm.


Naran Kaghan

Naran and Kaghan are the valleys on different heights. They are mostly visited on a trip so they are named as one.

The hills in Kaghan surrounding Saiful Muluk Lake have many stories attached with it. And the view forces you to believe them too.


KPK is one of the places where gracious and welcoming locals serve as the hosts to the tourists, and this makes the place more beautiful. With this beauty, Abbottabad is one of the places to be visited in Pakistan. Abbottabad has a green forest, high hills, a lake and a waterfall to be visited.


Waterfalls, colorful trees, high hills, cold winds, and hospitality is the uniqueness of Gilgit-Baltistan


The district of Skardu is full of beauty and tourist attraction. The natural beauty of Skardu includes Sutpara Lake and Katpana Desert. It also has the history in the form of Skardu Fort and Manthal Buddha rock. One of the residences has made a plane crash as a monument in Skardu by making it a coffee shop; it seems like you are a character of a novel while sitting in the cafe.


Here Gojal is a small village with full of colorful trees, high mounts and clean and calm atmosphere that can make anyone forget the world and to live here forever.

Hunza Valley

Hunza is the most famous place to be visited in Gilgit-Baltistan not by local tourist only but the international tourist too. The houses made up of stones look like a painting and Baltit Fort in Hunza is seems to be seized directly from the fairy tales.

Kutwal valley

Lake surrounded by the hills with the greenery of the Kutwal valley and the animals roaming around makes you feel like you are no more on the earth. The clear cold water of the lack is soothing for eyes and releases all the pains relaxes your mind and make you peaceful and joyful at the same time. The sunset here splashes the colors in the sky and make you feel heavenly.

Jammu & Kashmir

The place can be named as a piece of heaven because it portrays the natural beauty of Pakistan through its spectacular waterfalls, green hills, beautiful views and the calmness in the breeze. The place attracts tourists not because it is beautiful, but nature is so pure here that it heals the inner of a person.

Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is one of the most iconic places on the earth. The green water lakes surrounded by full of greenish hills are really attractive and eye-catching.  The clouds touching the hills feel like cotton balls, and it pushes you back in your childhood to believe the fairy tales.

Mangla Hamlet

Mangla hamlet is not only beautiful but also famous for fishing, sports, and reservoir. The clean water delimited by lush green trees and plants reflecting in the water not only catches the eye of a tourist but the heart fall for the sight too.


If you are planning to spend your summer vacation, visit Pakistan’s breathtaking beauty with best the Pakistan Tour Packages and guides. The troops visiting Pakistan are lucky to witness the beauty with their eyes. The tourists are attracted to Pakistan to see the beautiful combination of nature, and culture and Pakistan worth the visits.