Atif Aslam Biography – Jal star’s journey to Biggest Music Star of Pakistan

Atif Aslam Biography – Jal star’s journey to Biggest Music Star of Pakistan

Atif Aslam is one of the few unicorns in the singing field that went on making big without being musically trained. Cheered equally on either side of Wagah border, the Pakistani star even went on earning praises from Hollywood as well with his distinctive voice and matchless shifting of notes. When it comes to his own country, he is the youngest ever to be conferred Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, highest civilian award in wake of his immense contribution.

While growing up till his late teenage Atif’s first love had always been cricket, but he went on transitioning it in split seconds while pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS).  The integral character who made this change in Atif happen was Goher, and both of them turned out to be the instant hit in Pakistan’s music circles. Though this unitedness couldn’t last that long, still Atif was ready enough to make the solo ride of his own, and time proved it too.


His debut song ‘Adat’ even made waves across the border and that was the time when an offer from Bollywood bigwig director Mahesh Bhatt turned out to be a game changer for him. The prodigy Atif at that time grabbed the opportunity with both hands, and that paved his way to becoming one of the most celebrated musicians in South Asia now.


Not only with his magical voice, Atif even helped the stammering film industry of Pakistan to achieve the much-required fluency with his acting skills in film ‘Bol’, which ultimately changed fortune Pakistan’s film industry.

Atif Aslam Age

March 12, 1983 – 36 Years

It’s been 15 years of Atif Aslam’s brilliance, and he still looks as youthful as he was an entrant in the music industry.  All these years he has climbed the success stairs with ultimate perfection, turning out to be one of the most celebrated singers of Pakistan right now.


Atif Aslam Early Life

Atif wanted to be the cricketer right from the go but destiny had other plans for him, and it won’t be wrong to say that it all changed for him just in the last minute.  Talking about his early life, Atif born in Wazirabad went on starting his education at Kimberly Hall School, Lahore, and after relocating to Rawalpindi he pursued schooling at St. Paul’s Cambridge School. Finally, in 1995 he returned back to Lahore and got admission at PAF College prior to getting his Bachelors in Computer Science degree from Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS).


Talking about his first love, cricket, Atif was an aspiring fast bowler, who made an impact in the field since his school days.  The wannabe cricketer went on proving his class every now and then, which made him inches closer to fulfilling his dream of representing Pakistan at the international level. It will be pertinent to mention here that he made it through the Under-19 Pakistan Cricket team’s trial and fancied his chances of representing the Green Shirt in U-19 World Cup.


The destiny had other plans for him as he just met Goher during his Bachelor’s degree at PICS. Just in the short spell, his interest in music developed to an extent that he was all set to take singing as his profession. The duo went on making name for them with showcasing their talent in college functions and restaurants and finally reached to an extent where they established a band of their own named ‘Jal’. Atif collected his pocket money and even drove local vans to gather enough money for his debut song ‘Adat’.


The hard work equally paid Atif and Goher as ‘Adat’ became the youth anthem of that time, leaving people to know more and more about Jal. Even with success bracing them, the duo Atif and Goher couldn’t handle the pressure, and that’s when they broke their alliance; the vocalist parted his ways from Jal.


Atif Aslam Wife

Over the years, Atif just went on getting better and better to an extent he was a music star to look out for both in India and Pakistan. Even with millions of fan following and glitzing lifestyle, Atif successfully kept himself miles away from all sort of scandals, affairs and rumours. The one and only name quite often associated with ‘Adat’ fame singer were Sarah Bharwana, who was his girlfriend in the first place then turned out to be his fiancé before turning his wife in March 2013.

It will be relevant to mention here that Sarah Bharwana got graduated from Kinnaird College, at the time when Atif was pursuing his bachelor’s degree at PICS.


Atif Aslam Family

This music sensation of South Asia hails from a humble background; being the youngest of four brothers, Atif always had the support of his brothers beforehand. After reaching to the fame, Atif paid them back with one of his brother Shahbaz designing clothes for him and Sheraz looking after the official website and fan pages. The eldest brother of four, Shahzad is a well-reputed photographer.


Atif Aslam Bollywood Songs

Atif who isn’t musically trained at all defied odds and went on winning big. Since his debut song ‘Adat’ he never looked back and went on making name for himself in Bollywood. Adat’s popularity made him equally popular in India and that lead to his breakthrough in B-town with courtesy of godfather of prodigies Mahesh Bhatt.

From making his Bollywood debut as a vocalist, Atif Aslam reached a mark with having his romantic number in the film as a guarantee of film’s success.  At the time of writing, Atif has sung over 30 songs for Bollywood films including the masterpieces like ‘Woh Lamhe’, ‘Tere Bin’, ‘Pehli Nazar Main’, ‘Tera Honay Laga Hoon’ and many others.


Atif Aslam Albums

Apart from featuring in Bollywood songs, Atif didn’t even miss the chance to entertain the music-enthusiast with his solo music albums as at that time Pakistan’s film industry was into lurches with no signs or opportunities for the young guns.  Jal Pari was his first album, which got released during his stay at Jal. After parting ways from Goher and making waves in B-town, Atif yet again surprised his followers with solo albums like Meri Kahani and Doorie.


Atif Aslam Coke Studio

Coke Studio has its own worth across the globe, and Atif Aslam is inseparable when it is about highlighting the integral characters helping this music event to grow big. His tracks like ‘Tajdar-E-Haram’ and ‘Charkha Nolakha’ speak volume for his electrifying contributions.

Atif Aslam Movies

The magical spell his voice created is felt by each and every lovebird around, and that’s what made him an epitome of romantic numbers. But that’s not the only talent he has apart from cricket, and he proved so with his acting debut that too with one of the most important films of Pakistani cinema, Bol. The film went on winning praises and awards across the globe and Atif’s acting got highlighted too. Playing the wannabe musician in the film, Atif featured as the male lead opposite Mahira Khan.

Though the film and its songs were a success, Atif still not went on lengthening his acting career as he wanted to focus more on his music career.