7 Controversial Videos of Hareem Shah that are Talk of the Town

Pakistan is immune to laud internet sensations now and then. Some of these finds are fit and others are misfit, time better proves that. Up the latest, we have Hareem Shah in the limelight, the girl from KPK burst into the scenes with her audacious videos on TikTok.  Now having millions of followers on TikTok, Hareem’s road to popularity was neither difficult nor easier as it was merely a matter of few controversial videos.

Those who are not even her admirers keep a check on all her antics, specially after Hareem Shah’s latest video shot at the foreign office.  Unlike other videos, this one stirred national level controversy putting a question mark on the security and decorum of national institutes. Prime Minister Imran Khan even asked for probing the incident following the backlash on social media.

Hareem has been appearing on different private TV channels since then, many of them trying to dig out the details about who allowed her to reach the foreign meeting office. The TikTok girl was relaxed than ever before and took it as an opportunity to grab the limelight. Apart from Hareem Shah’s latest controversial video, there is much more to her name as she’s been doing it all again and again with her antics.

Controversial Videos of Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah kissing Ahmed Shah Video

The adorable kid aka Pathan ka Bacha Ahmed Shah is everyone’s apple of an eye. He not only featured on different TV shows but also have some frequent videos all over the social media. Hareem Shah also didn’t miss the opportunity to rake more views on social media and especially on TikTok by appearing alongside Ahmed Shah.  The kid, who was too young to make a decision or deliberately go with the script of the video, was exploited by famous TikToker. This is what many of the netizens believe as in one of the viral videos Hareem Shah was seen intimately kissing the kid. The social media users were quick to react over this as Hareem Shah lip-kissing Ahmed Shah was something objectionable and an assault in some capacity.


Hareem Shah with Sheikh Rasheed

Shaikh Rasheed is one of his own kind politicians. His quirky and witty remarks make him burst into the headlines every now and then. But with featuring in Hareem Shah’s TikTok video, the seasoned politician had nothing much to do or say. The video that seemed to be shot at Rasheed’s office featured Hareem Shah and her partner in crime Sundal Khattak.  Nobody knew about the context of the video and BTS story, what made it viral content was Federal Minister featuring along with TikTok beauties.


Hareem Shah with Fayyaz ul Hasan Chohan

Hareem Shah often claims to have roots with political party PTI and with her video surfacing yet again with another PTI stalwart proves the point. This time it was Fayyaz ul Hasan Chohan‘s office. Hareem Shah along with Sundal Khattak in the video asked few questions to the PTI leader and made him feel uncomfortable by standing right next to him. Fayaz showed bit resilience and tried to stay away from the frame but it was too late as the duo already got some stuff for their TikTok fans.


Hareem Shah Foreign Office Video

Hareem Shah’s courage has grown ever since with having millions of fans on social media portal TikTok. She not only made it to the foreign office but even shot the video in the committee room and sitting on the foreign minister’s chair without any permission.  Foreign Office is a highly sensitive place, Hareem’s access and then funny video over there was a serious question mark on the management’s performance.


Hareem Shah Aerial Firing Video

Hareem Shah looks unstoppable, fearing nothing at all. If it would be anyone else other than Hareem, law enforcement agencies would have taken some strict action against him/her.  In one of such videos putting a question mark on the authorities, Hareem can be seen aerial firing, which is a crime itself.


Hareem Shah releases Shaheen Shah Afridi’s Private Video

Though Hareem cleared that it wasn’t hers Twitter handler which released insensitive video of young Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi, still Twiterrati think she’s behind all this. Those who aren’t aware of this saga, it was some Twitter account named Hareem Shah that leaked video of a person doing mischievous acts on the video call. The sender adding more to the story told that it was Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi, who requested her to talk in the first place and then started to show his sensitive parts on the video call. Hareem Shah declined to leak any such video and also told that it wasn’t her twitter account as she doesn’t own one.


Hareem Shah’s interview with Daily Pakistan’s Yasir Shami

This latest video of Hareem Shah while being interviewed by Daily Pakistan’s famous host Yasir Shami is the talk of the town. The host, who is known for his out of the way comments this time came up with double meaning jokes. Hareem Shah also responded in the same manner. Though it wasn’t a pleasing sight for many of the social media users, still some of them kept on spreading it.

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