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7 Beauty Products by Pakistani Celebrities you need to buy right now

Over the years beauty trends have been changing at rocket-pace but that doesn’t mean it’s a full-stop for the cosmetic industry in Pakistan. At very first, the imported beauty products ruled the Pakistani market and they were taken as the sole brands in the cosmetic scenarios in the country. But things changed for good as Pakistani Celebrities kicked off with their very own beauty products range, giving a sigh of relief to the consumers with their efficient prices in comparison with the foreign makeup brands in Pakistan.

What made Pakistani celebrities stood tall was getting along with the notion of beauty trends in Pakistan.  So here we have compiled the list of beauty products by Pakistani Celebrities and what would be eye-opener for those in denial is many of them have even made it into the list of best makeup brands in Pakistan. In case you’re just curious to know the names of those bigwig Pakistani cosmetic brands list, you can’t negate MasarratMisbah and AtiqaOdho Cosmetics anytime. But that’s not a full stop several other Pakistani celebrities are also on the trot and doing well enough to be listed in this article.

Best Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan by Celebrities

AtiqaOdho Cosmetics

Cosmetics by Atiqaodho

Who doesn’t admire Atiqaodho – the beauty with brains and of course one of the finest actresses of her time?  The veteran doesn’t choke to live it up to the hype with her namesake makeup brand, AtiqaOdho Cosmetics as well. Just FYI, Odho Cosmetics is lauded as pioneers of celebrity cosmetics brands of Pakistan. One of the most trending products by Odho in the limelight at the time of writing is ‘The First Love Bundle’.  The ‘Love On’ blush powder is the major highlight of this package as it I equally applicable on the face and the eyelids as well. In case you think cosmetics online shopping is more convenient, complete range of Odhocomstics is just a click away from you at AtiqaOdho Color Cosmetics.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Cosmetics used by depliex

Misbah Sisters, MassaratMisbah and NighatMisbah of Depliex are two peas in a pod and their perfect partnership means a lot to the cosmetic circles in Pakistan.  The flag bearer of Depilex, MassaratMisbah adds icing on the cake with her own beauty range, which goes by the name MassaratMisbah Makeup (MM). Undoubtedly, one of the best makeup brands of Pakistan, MM is touted as one of the few Halal makeup ranges in the market.  The recently introduced MM Silk Primer is something to put in the cart right now as this one thoroughly understands the hydration on your skin with giving you the no-makeup feel.

Nadia Hussain’s NH Bling

Beauty product used by nadia hussain

The queen of the ramp, Nadia Hussain didn’t miss the chance to shine with her beauty products or shall we call them her beauty secrets.  Though she is new to the scenes with just starting earlier in March this year, but she has made a mark among other bunch of cosmetics brands in Pakistan.  NH Bling’s Matte Liquid Glitter eyeshadow and lipstick is into the limelight for all the good reasons.


beauty products by j.

Those who’d have least expected this one; J. is second to none when you’re eyeing to have you attire, fragrances and beauty products just from the same brand. The beauty range launched back in 2018 is making waves and speaks volume, which’s quite the same as in the case of clothes and fragrances.  Over the years J. has got firmer and their makeup range is yet another bold initiative in this regard.  The J. Mineral Matte Lip cream is what we’ll recommend you in the first place. The scathing weather in different regions of Pakistan can fade away the beauty of your lips, and then J. intervenes as your ultimate savior.  The Manganese in it activates B1, B3 and Vitamin C to ensure your lips the optimum beauty they deserve.

Nabila Beauty Products Zero Makeup Range

Cosmetics by nabila

No if’s and but’s about Nabila’s skills as beautician – at the very same time her cosmetics range Zero Makeup  doesn’t even miss the chance to surprise all the fashionistas out there.  Nabila hit the bull’s eye with her latest beauty range named as ‘Zero Makeup’ as with even face powder on it doesn’t announce you have got your beauty enhances, it assures you the very natural and authentic look.  IN case you’re curious to know about the longevity of this product, it’s means to stay longer.

Komal Rizvi’s Truly Komal

Truly Komal cosmetics

The female diva is an inspiration for many and that’s not only credit to her magical voice but her charismatic personality is equally responsible for that.  Komal Rizvi aims to fill in the vacant space left in the Pakistani cosmetic industry. And for this purpose she makes her brand Truly Komal conspicuous with letting her consumers know that her products are developed by top cosmetic chemists in Canada. Komal while launching her products quite clearly told that unlike many of the products priced at 15000 in the market, her beauty products will carry the nominal tag in between Rs. 1800-3000 range.  The Truly Komal Sunblock SPF 50 not only barricades the UV rays of the direct sunlight but also helps in the repairing process.

Waseem Badami WB Hemani

brand by waseem badami

The renowned anchor Waseem Badami is one vibrant celebrity in Pakistani media circles. Moreover, he isn’t reluctant to try something out of the way. Up the latest, Waseem Badami kicked off his very own beauty products range named as WB Hemani. The selling point for this celebrity cosmetics range is it’s herbal and organic so you don’t worry about the side effects.  The WB Hemani Fadeout Cream is the perfect answer to your skin discoloration and hyper-pigmentation.  Of course you can put it in your cart right away.

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