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6 Pakistani Movies on Netflix you need to watch at any cost

It’s been more than 3 years of Netflix in Pakistan, and since then it redefined the term binge-watching for the moviegoers out there. Previously, the ban on YouTube just kept Pakistanis little too unaware about Online watching, seasons, and web series thingy. But the globally acclaimed streaming service changed all for good as there are tens of Pakistani Movies on Netflix, available to watch.

In case you’re curious to sort out some of the best Pakistani movies available on Netflix, we’ve just heard your mind and here we go with must-watch Pakistani Movies on Netflix.  It should be noted here that some of the recent releases have also made it into the list of Pakistani movies on Netflix 2019. Ultimately, the credit goes to Netflix Pakistan for presenting some of the most promising Pakistani movies of recent times to the local and international audience as well.

Must-watch Pakistani Movies on Netflix


Comedy Drama film

One of the most-hyped Pakistani films of recent times, Cake brought the story of a dysfunctional family in light in the most relatable manner. It won’t be wrong to say that this film worked as a fresh breeze to the somehow confusing Pakistani film industry. The occupation of rom-com on cinemas was very much visible and then came ‘Cake’- a comedy-drama film. The film stars Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Malik and Sanam Saeed in the lead roles. The film sheds light on globalization and children leaving their homes for a better future. But ultimately, they came over this sibling rivalry thing and dysfunctional tag and got in the quest of each other’s love.

Pinky Memsaab

Women Centric film

Women-Centric films were somehow an impossible affair for Pakistani cinema until Pinky Memsaab made it to the screens. The teaser and trailer were good enough to get the audience on the edge of their seats but following the release of the film, the bleak storyline was something unfair to the audience. Yet one can’t overlook the superb acting of HajraYamin (Pinky maid) and her socialite Kiran Malik (Memsaab). At the same time, one can’t deny the efforts writer and director Shazia Ali Khan to bring such a least-talked about the story in the limelight. The film revolves around Pinky leaving her home in search of a better life in Dubai. She started working as a maid to socialite; from where onwards it’s the story of sisterhood, self-exploration and of course the women-empowerment.


moor pakistani film

You can’t question Jami’s story and direction, and this film witnesses both of them by the critically acclaimed writer and director.  The film Moor is about the story of railway stationmaster from Balochistan, who’s suffering from the death of his better half and coping with his estranged son. What even worsens the situation is his survival in the corrupt world. Hameed Shaikh, SamiyaMumtaz, and Shaz Khan play the lead roles in the films that portray far-flung rural railway system in the outskirts of Balochistan.


Pakistani osacar submission

Dukhtar is a story about tribal areas and their long-prevailing jurisdiction about Vani/Swara in the rural areas of Pakistan.  The story revolves around a mother and her 10-year-old daughter who fled from the home. SamiyaMumtaz playing mother was herself the victim of tribal leaders’ decision, which resulted in her forced marriage just at the age of 15. Though she stayed mum over what had happened with her but made a move to save her daughter from a similar faith.  Apart from getting Oscar submission, the film was also premiered at TIFF 2014.


Pakistani film war

Bilal Lashari the director of the film just took Pakistani cinema to another level with his flick ‘Waar’. The top-notch direction saw a much-needed story getting a portrayal and leads as ShaanShahid, Ayesha Khan, ShamoonAbbasi, and MeeshaShafi backed it rightly. Shaan played former Pakistani Army Officer, who took early retirement, whereas Hamza Ali Abbasi plays Field Operations CTG. ShamoonAbbasi stars as a RAW spy in the film.

Teefa in Trouble

Ali Zafar film debut

This film marks Ali Zafar’s Pakistani film debut, and yes it lived it up to the hype. Maya Ali made her film debut as a female lead to Ali Zafar, and she remained equally justified with her performance. What made this film a complete entertainer was the perfect blend of romance, action, and comedy.  Ali Zafar, who played a Lahori boy traveled all the way to Poland as he’s tasked to bring his father’s friends’ daughter back from gangsters.  The film stood as the third Pakistani film to hit the 50crore business benchmark.  Apart from acting Zafar also spread magic with his voice in the film.

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