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10 things Ahad Raza Mir fans need to know about him ASAP!

Acting is something that runs in Ahad Raza Mir’s gene, and how could one question that as Asif Raza Mir (his father) and Raza Mir (his grandfather) have given enough to the Pakistani entertainment. Though Ahad is new to the scenes, his father’s been there for 40 years and that’s made enough of him to be regarded as a legend in the industry.  Same goes for Ahad’s grandfather, who was a famous movie director and also best known as cinematographer for Pakistan entertainment industry’s first-ever film Teri Yaad (1948).

Ahad Raza Mir carrying on the legacy and living it up to the hype has got the star status in the industry within no time, and it has nothing to do with his father or grandfather’s stature in the industry.  The heartthrob is an epitome of ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) as he has climbed the success stairs on his own without any support. Even though Ahad Raza Mir’s first outing in the entertainment world was back in 2010 for Khamoshyan, which was helmed by his father’s production company. That wasn’t a formal start for 17-years-old Ahad and that’s when he got his major in drama from Canada and honed his skills at the theatre too.


Ahad Raza Mir is really PUNCTUAL – And we really mean it!

The stardom or celebrity status even not make you arrogant but take away the punctuality from you. But that’s not the case with Ahad as even the grandeur and protocol on his hand; he’s opted to stay grounded. And one of the essences he has learned out of his time in Canada is to stay punctual or even 10-15 minutes before the allotted time.  He has multiple times in interviews told about his routine of reaching sets before the given time. Moreover, he also sheds light on prevailing unprofessionalism in the industry, which he believes to end very sooner. So, the bottom line is be on time, else you’d get no time.


He’s first Desi Actor to win Best Actor Musical at Canadian Critics Award

Canadian Critics Award

Born in Pakistan, Ahad spends most of his time in Canada but with the ultimate plan to once return to Pakistan and showcase his acting skills. He not only got his major in acting from the University of Calgary, Canada but also exhibited his talent in the best way. He rocked on with his 5 stage plays there back in 2014. The stage roles included romantic and the musical performances as well, and the word of mouth says he was equally good in either of them. But at the same time one can’t forget Ahad winning best actor in a musical award at Calgary Theater Critics Award for ‘Naughty But Nice’.


2 out of his 3 dramas in recent times have Sajal Aly as a lead actress – Onscreen Couple!

Sajal aly and Ahad Raza Mir

The rave reviews about Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir after their first outing ‘YaqeenKa Safar’ got conspicuous. And it feels like they both made their mind right from the go. Now happily engaged Sajal-Ahad is regarded as one of the best on-screen couples, and if you not believe that check their ramp walk photos. It should be noted here that both the dramas Ahad have done till the date as a lead have Sajal Aly as the female lead. This actually speaks volume for the bond, and the on-screen chemistry they hold.


Ahad is a singer as you know him for ‘KoKoKorina’ – He’s a Musician Too

Ahad Raza Mir as singer

You already know Ahad Raza Mir for his versatility as he has won laurel as music actor there in Canada. Moreover, you got to know his vocals and the exponential signing talent in a better way with his debut song ‘KoKoKorina’ at Coke Studio season 11. The reprise version of the cult song by Ahad Raza Mir and MominaMustehsan on a stage like Coke Studio won million hearts.  But that’s not everything Asif Raza Mir’s son has got for music. FYI, Ahad has his way with different musical instruments and up the latest, he also tried his hand on African drum called Djembe.


Switched from BBA to BFA as acting is his passion

Though Ahad is blessed with an innate acting talent, still, that didn’t stop him from honing it to an extent of perfection.  He was clear about his choices and so was his family as a video (blast from the past) shows his mother in an interview telling that for sure Ahad will pursue the industry after getting done with his education.  The PHJ star got enrolled in BBA and it was all going absolutely fine until he made a life-changing decision of switching to Bachelors in Fine Arts from BBA.  The formal education of drama provided the much-needed boost and now his work in the industry speaks for what he has got all these years.


Ahad Raza Mir’s Brother has no plans of stepping in the world of acting

Ahad Raza Mir Brother

People were not having enough of Ahad Raza Mir, who’s taken as a sensation in Pakistani entertainments scenes. Now he’s near to get tied in wedlock and is engaged as well, it seems like netizens have got the new crush and its none other than Ahad’s younger brother Adnan. FYI, Adnan is around 19-20 at the time and is getting done with his education and as soon as he’ll do that, he’ll be all set to make an impact on the entertainment world, but not as an actor. Ahad Raza Mir in an interview told about Adnan’s plan of joining the entertainment industry as a director or producer rather than becoming an actor.


Ahad spent most of his life in Canada & trained there as a theatre actor

Ahad Raza Mir in Canadian theatre

Ahad Raza Mir has proven his mettle with the stage performances in Canada and that’s an overstatement. It had been the talk of the town back in 2014 when YKS star won the best actor in a musical award at Calgary Theater Critics Awards for ‘Naughty But Nice’. This time around the promising talent has yet again done an outstanding job with winning big at Betty Mitchell Award in 2019. It will be pertinent to mention here that Ahad played the lead role Hamlet for ‘The Shakespeare Company’.


For Yaqeen Ka Safar emotional scenes, Ahad got to recall tragic scenes of his life

Yaqeen ka safar

Ahad isn’t going to settle for the romantic actor tag that’s staying with him as of now. His powerful performance in YakeenKa Safar got him hundreds of loyal fans and awards too. But at the same time, while talking to ET he told about his plans of going versatile and doing different characters, even the negative ones.  At the same time, the skilful article told that being of emotional nature different things used to get into his mind while doing emotional scenes for YKS. One of the thoughts while doing emotional acts for YKS were about missing his brother, whom he didn’t meet for the last two years, revealed Ahad Raza Mir.

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